Blur and Sharpen
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The Blur or Sharpen Tool


The Blur or Sharpen Tool, also known as the Convolve Tool found in the Gimp Tool box, allows a user to manipulate the graphics of an image. The two options that are available are Blur or to Sharpen. Perform both of these functions by clicking and dragging.

In the Convolve Options Box, set Opacity, Mode, and Brush. Also set Pressure Sensitivity. In the Convolve Type Box are options to either Blur or Sharpen.

Notice in this example the choice to blur part of the image at a rate of 50.

The example demonstrates the use of the Blur and Sharpen tool to make the water in the photograph more blurry, and get the effect that the reflection of the sky isn't as good.

Create this simply by clicking in the water and dragging to make the region of the image more blurred.

To perform the sharpening part of the tool, do the same steps.

Simply click and drag in the region of the image.