Clone Tool
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The Clone Tool


The Clone Tool, found in the Gimp Tool box, is a very useful tool for duplicating regions and selections of the image .

In the Clone Options Box, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. The standard drawing tools are still available. They are: Opacity, Mode, Brush, and Pattern, as well as setting pressure sensitivity.

In the Source section of the Clone Options Box, users may choose by starting either

the Image Source or the Pattern Source. Also the option exists to toggle three alignment options.

In the example, the Clone Tool was used to create four bushes by the water instead of just one, which was the case with the original image .

Performing this process may be a little confusing if this tool has not been used before. After first selecting the Clone Tool and moving the mouse onto the image, the tool symbol with a circle will be visible with a line through it.

That means it is unavailable . To enable the Clone Tool, press the Ctrl button on the keyboard and click the source (the item to duplicate) while holding the Ctrl key down.

From that point users may click and drag anywhere in the image and create a perfect clone of the source spot that was clicked with the Ctrl key. Notice in the example, the source was the original green bush by the water. It was cloned four times by going over the same process four times. The Clone Tool creates exact duplicates that may be used to enhance any image that the user would like to modify.