Ink Tool
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The Ink Tool

The Ink Tool, located in the Gimp Tool box, works much like the Pencil, Paintbrush, and Airbrush Tools.

One of the main differences is that the Ink Tool has a few different options to choose from. This tool works like a calligraphy pen. To use it, click and drag on your image, or on blank canvas.

In the Ink Options Box set Opacity and Mode just like the other drawing tools. Also select a specific Size and Angle for the adjustment of the Ink.

Next, set Sensitivity options. Lastly, users are able to choose the type of shape they want to ink with. The example shows a circle.

In the shape box, rotate and change the circle to the desired shape needed.

Here in the example, the text was inked with the Ink tool.

Notice that the edges of all of the text are rounded off. This is because the circular shape was chosen in the Ink Options Box. Also, the color of the Ink is changed simply by switching the Foreground Color to a forest green.

Note that when users create and draw with the Ink Tool, Gimp automatically recognizes the ink as a whole new layer.