The Gradient Tool
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The Gradient Tool

The Gradient Tool, which is located in the Gimp Toolbox, is used to bucket fill gradients into specific regions of the image that are being working with.

To perform this function, simply click on the Gradient Tool, choose from a variety of gradient options and then simply click on where the desired fill should be for the gradient.

In the Blend Options Box, there are gradient options that to choose from.

First of all the user must choose the Opacity of the gradient blend that they are going to perform. This means that if Opacity is 100, then the color will be thick and dense. If the Opacity is set at 25, the blend will be more transparent and thinner.

Secondly, the user must choose the Mode of the gradient blend. In the example Normal was chosen, which is the default Mode.

After that, choose the gradient style that will be used. Notice the Greens Gradient. Was the choice.

Chose the shape and repeat options next. Radial shape is in the example and no repeat options.

In the example, the radial option is accented with the Green Gradient option.

Notice also that the Opacity is at 100, hence the thick, dark colors of the gradient.

To perform a function like this, just click and drag on the canvas and the gradient should automatically appear. To get a perfect circle like the example, start dragging the mouse from the center point on the canvas.