Bucket Fill
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The Bucket Fill Tool

The Bucket Fill Tool, located in the Gimp Toolbox, is a tool that is used to place colors or patterns in specified regions of the layer or image.


To perform this function simply select the Bucket Fill Tool from the Gimp Toolbox, and then choose from the options in the Bucket Fill Options Box. After this is accomplished, click on an area inside the image and the Gimp program will automatically fill in a color or pattern from the selections that was made in the Bucket Fill Options Box.

In the Bucket Fill Options Box, a user is able to choose from a variety of options. First of all the user must choose the Opacity of the fill that they are going to perform. This means that if Opacity is 100, then the color will be thick and dense. If the Opacity is set at 25, the fill will be more transparent and thinner.

Next a user can choose that mode of the fill. Normal which is default. Users may change the pattern if they want to fill a region with a pattern. In this example the background color was filled which is white by default.

Next, choose the areas that should be affected by the fill.

In the example, “Fill Whole Selection” is selected .

When choosing Fill Similar Colors then user can Fill Transparent Areas or Sample Merged. Set the threshold and then it is completed.

Here in the example, the blue in the sky is chosen to fill to a white color, which makes the image appear like there are more clouds in the sky.

To do this, select all of the blue in the sky by using the selection by color tool.

After that, use the Bucket Fill Tool to fill the Background color, which was white, into the sky.