Desktop Apps Training - GIMP

The Flip Tool

The Flip Tool, located in the Gimp Toolbox, allows the user to flip the display of a Layer, Selection, or Path. To perform this option, simply choose the flip type and then click inside the Layer, Selection, or Path that is intend to flipped.

In the Flip Options Box, a user has the ability to choose the what aspect of the image that they want to affect.

The options are Layers, Selections, or Paths. In this example the entire layer has been chosen.

Next choose whether to flip the Layer, Selection, or Path horizontally or vertically.


Here the choice has been to flip an entire layer horizontally.

In the example image the green bush in the pasture has always been on the left side of the image. Now that it was flipped the layer horizontally, the image is entirely opposite of what it was before.

This function has the same idea as the perspective tool. The flip option allows the user to look at the image in a different perspective.


In this example, the options were switched. Instead of choosing a horizontal flip, a vertical flip was chosen.

Notice that the green bush in the pasture is still on the left side of the image, but the image is flipped vertically.

The single layer is used instead of a selection or path.