Desktop Apps Training - GIMP

The Shear Tool

The Shear Tool, which is located in the Gimp Toolbox, is much like the Rotation Tool except in a few respects.

To shear an image, simply click on the image and drag it until the desired shear magnitude is reached.

In the Shear Options Box, there are many choices. First, choose whether or not to shear a Layer, Selection, or Path. The example shows the selection of a complete layer.

In the Transform Direction section in the options box, users are able to shear forward or backward. If the decision is made to shear backward, then the final image after the shear will be exactly opposite of what was performed.

Grid lines appear on the image as soon as the shear begins. The number or grid lines in the options box can be controlled.

Lastly, a user is able to set constraints on the shear by choosing the keep height and width.

After selecting the Shear Tool in the Gimp Toolbox, click and drag on the Layer, Selection, or Path that you have decided to shear.

Immediately afterwards, the Gimp program prompts the Shearing Information Box to appear.

This box with display the magnitude of the shearing that is being performed. It displays the X, Y coordinates as well.