FTP: Quiz
Server Training - FTP Server

The FTP quiz  relates to the VSFTPD Course on a Centos System.

When you have completed study of this course you may take the quiz.  The quiz is 5 questions and you will only be able to take it one time. So review the course and the information as you want to do your best on the one chance you have.  If you want to take a Demo Test of five questions CLICK HERE. 

The quiz can be when you CLICK HERE.

Course Ouline

Lesson 1 - Security Issues

Lesson 2 - Basic Set Up

Lesson 3 - Basic Configuration

Lesson 4 - chroot Local User

Lesson 5 - Create Login Message

Lesson 6 - iptables Issues

Lesson 7 - SELinux

Lesson 8 - Secure FTP