Ubuntu Video - Ways to Change Resolution
Desktop Training - Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron has many new improvements, enhancements and features but what good are they if you can't see your screen properly. The screen resolution is always a concern while setting up a new operating system. The resolution setup may vary for different graphics cards and their drivers. Upon opening the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron desktop select the Gnome main menu by clicking on System --- Preferences --- Screen Resolution.

system in the gnome 2.22 menu on ubuntu 8.04
+ preferences in the gnome 2.22 menu on ubuntu 8.04
+screen resolution in the gnome 2.22 main menu on ubntu 8.04 hardy heron

Each user is allowed to have a separate resolution that fits their individual needs so no root password is needed to change this or for other items in the "Preferences" menu. Selecting Screen Resolution from the menu brings you to the Monitor Resolution Settings window. Here you can manually adjust the resolution, refresh rate rotation, or select the detect displays button to have Ubuntu automatically detect your display settings.

screen resolution settings window on ubuntu 8.04 desktop

 Now that you can change the resolution by using the desktop interface lets take a look at a quick command to change the resolution from the command line. On the Ubuntu 8.04 desktop panel select the Applications option. Next click on Accessories and open the Terminal option.


After you've brought up the terminal window you can easily change the resolution by typing xrandr -s 1024x768 or whatever resolution you want to adjust the desktop to. After you're finished press enter and the Ubuntu desktop resolution will be adjusted.


Below is a descriptive video of both resolution changing techniques.