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Built with Linux-Live scripts 6.2.9, the Debian-based PureOS 2.0 Linux distro has been recently released. This distro and live CD features the KDE 4.3.4 desktop environment, Linux kernel 2.6.33 w/ with Squashfs 3.4 and LZMA, Iceweasel 3.5.8, Icedove with Lightning 0.9, OpenOffice 3.2.0 and many other new applications. The PureOS 2.0 release announcement shows a Full List of included packages.

Here's some screenshots from the PureOS desktop, menu and a few applications running on the KDE 4.3.4 desktop.

Version: PureOS 2.0
Release Date: 03/30/10
Platform: 32-bit
Desktop: KDE 4.3.4
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