The gOS Rocket Menu
Desktop Training - gOS Rocket

The menu in gOS is a little tricky at first because of the click-anywhere style that it exhibits. A normal left click will bring you the entire menu but a right click will bring up only the user favorites which can be set to anything but are by default Gmail, Gtalk, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Maps, Google Reader, Google News, Google Finance, Google Product Search, Youtube and Blogger.

 favorite applications menu on gos rocket linux desktop

Inside the main menu after a left click we see multiple sub categories including Favorite Applications, Applications, Desktop, Windows, My gOS, and Configuration. Direct links to Run Command and the files manager are also present.

 Applications includes more sub menus that contain the applications we will need to use to get things done. Under the Sound and Video sub menu you will find applications like Xine Movie Player and Gnomebaker CD/DVD burner. The internet sub menu contains all of the web 2.0 applications and internet links to things like Youtube, Blogger and Facebook. The Office category brings us the almighty suite of applications that will take care of any of our office and document needs. Graphics contains GIMP an image editing and manipulation program, and Games contains a large collection of games including Nibbles, Solitaire, and Chess just to name a few. Selecting the Administration tab under the Applications category will allow you to check hardware information, Install gOS to your hard drive, open the Synaptic Package Manager or Update Manager.

 applications menu on the gos rocket linux desktop

The Desktop category includes access to the virtual desktops and a place to configure your virtual desktops. Also under the shelves sub category you can select shelf 1, shelf 2, or add and remove shelves. The last option is to show or hide all windows.

Under the Windows category we can clean up windows or look for lost windows. 

The My gOS category is designed to put all of your system commands into one place. Here you can find out about gOS or the current theme, Lock Screen, Suspend, Hibernate, Reboot, Shutdown or Logout.

At the bottom of the menu the Configuration wub menu allows us access to My settings where you can change all of the gOs Rocket desktop settings, or you may click on specific settings like Modules, Shelves, Theme, and Wallpaper.