Screen Settings In gOS
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The Screen category in my settings window has some very important options for you to change. These options include changing your resolution, locking your screen for security and settings your screen saver settings properly.

To get there right click on the desktop and select Configuration --- My Settings.

my settings in gos rocket linux menu

With the My Settings window open select the Screen category. Now we can see the items Vitual Desktops, Screen Resolution, Screen Lock, Screen Saver and Power Management.

my settings screen selected

After clicking on the Virtual Desktops item on the right you should see the Virtual Desktop Settings window. The first option allows you to change the number of desktops by using the slider os the sides. You can also choose to flip desktops when the mouse nears the edge of the screen and make the screen flip animated. Selecting the advanced tab will allow you to fine tune the screen flipping option and more.

virtual desktop settings

The screen resolution is something you will probably change upon using gOS depending on what type of hardware setup you have. On the left you may select the resolution and to the right therefresh and rotation. Also if you don't want to set these options each time select Restore on login below the resolution window.

screen resolution settings

The Screen Lock Item allows for automatic locking features like lock when x screensaver activates or lock when idle time exceeded. you can set the idle time to exceed by using the slider or entering an amount in minutes, Select the Advanced button for even more Screen Lock options.

screen lock settings

The Screen Saver item allows us to change a few options in the Screen Saver Settings window. We can enable X screensaver and set a timelimit for the screensaver to come on at by moving the slider or entering an amount in minutes.

screen saver settings

You can also select the Power Management item to change various options there. Your display server must be DPMS capable to use this feature.