Custom IBar
Desktop Training - gOS Rocket

The ibar consists of a long strip of icons along the bottom of the gOS Rocket desktop and contains links to applications and many online resources provided by Google and other vendors. Included in the Ibar is the taskbar, the place where minimized applications go. The ibar contains 20 icons by default which almost fits 800 X 600 resolution, so you may want to remove a few icons if you're using low resolution. The Gmail link appears on the left side of the Ibar and provides instant access to your Gmail inbox. Gtalk will take you to the Google Talk account login screen. Schedule events with the Google Calendar, create files with Google Docs and Spreedsheets, Access Google Reader, find yourself with Google Maps, see what's new with google News, track your stats with Google Finance, or find what you want to buy with Google product search. Gbooth is a browser-based web cam application. Also take note of direct links to Youtube, Blogger and Facebook, along with Wikipedia and Meebo in the Ibar menu. Skype gives you another way to say "Hello", Rythmbox and Xine take care of your Multimedia needs and is your ticket to online storage. On the right end of the Ibar is a link to FAQLY, this is a great online help resource where you can ask questions and recieve answers about gOS.

 the ibar in gos rocket

You may make changes to the Ibar in a few different ways so that it works best for you. If you want to change the icon that represents a specific link or application on the Ibar, mouse over that icon, right click and select Edit Icon.

 edit icon

 To make more extreme changes right click anywhere on the Ibar and select Configure Bar. The first thing we see in the top left corner is the two bar items.  Select launcher and click configure to change the applications shown on the Ibar. We can also change the appearance by adding animation, showing background box or changing the icon size with the slider to the right. On the lower half of the window you can change hide behavior, zooming options, and orientation of the Ibar. When you're finished making changes select apply.

 configure the ibar