Fedora Install New Theme Video
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A desktop theme defines the way certain parts of the desktop look. Themes often give the desktop a personality and include changes to the controls, colors, window border, icons, and pointer. Although a small collection of themes is provided with Fedora and other Linux distributions, a much larger selection of themes is available on-line. Provided you have an internet connection installing a new theme on your Gnome desktop should be quick and easy.

 To change your theme from one to another first open the Appearance Preferences window by selecting System --- Preferences --- Look and Feel --- Appearance.

With the Appearance Preferences window open, the first selected tab is the theme tab. Here you can see several pre-installed themes to select. To apply a theme just click on its icon. Across the bottom we see options to delete, save as, customize and install. Selecting customize brings up the Customize Theme window which is a great place to fine tune a theme after downloading and installing it. To use the install option here we must first download a theme to install.

Go to a website that offers desktop themes for download. I have navigated to gnome-look.org and found their selection of Linux desktop themes to be outstanding.

 A few places to get Linux desktop themes

Download the theme and then just drag and drop the downloaded package from the download folder into the Appearance Preferences window. Another option is to click the Install button which will allow you to browse your files and select the recently downloaded file. After preforming either of these methods you should see a confirmation message that the theme has been installed successfully. Now you may select it for use and customize it to your liking.


Below i have included a video walk-through of how to download and install a new theme in Fedora.