Fedora Backgrounds
Desktop Training - Fedora 8

Fedora 8 comes with one unique feature that you may not notice at first. After working long yours on Fedora 8 you may think you're starting to loose it when the background changes color. No you're not crazy this is a new feature for the Fedora 8 desktop. The background image stays the same but tunes its colors to the time of day. Bright blue in the morning and faded purple in the evening. Now if you're not fond of this feature or you just want to substitute another background in Fedora 8 you came to the right place.

To change the Fedora 8 background you can right click on the desktop anywhere and choose Change Desktop Background from the provided menu.

change background path

Another way you can get to the Appearance Preferences window is to click on System --- Preferences --- Look and Feel --- Appearance.

change bg path

With the Background tab open we can see thumbnail images of the wallpapers we have to choose from. In the display window we can mouse over thumbnails for more information including file type, size and location. Clicking on a thumbnail applies the background serving as an effective preview for that background. Below this display window and to the left we can specify the Style. On the bottom right we have options for Adding and Removing wallpaper. Across the bottom under the Colors section we can change the color display options and specify the colors.

appearence preferences

After selecting a wallpaper, wallpaper style, and color options click the Close button.