Fedora Adding Groups
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If you'd like to add a group so that you can split up users select the Add Group button at the top of the window.

add group

After clicking Add Group we need to specify the name of the group we want to create. we can also choose to specify the group ID.

group name

In my example I am using the group name developers. When you've finished click the OK button.

To view the group we just created click on the groups tab. Here we can see two groups that were automatically created while creating the two users shown but also we see the 'developers' group we created shown at the top of the list.


Now we need to change the properties of Jimbo, one of the users, so that Jimbo is included in our new developers group. To do this click on the Users tab again and select the user we want to add to the group.

user selected

Next click on the properties icon at the top of the window.


Now we see the User Properties window. Click on the Groups tab and we can specify which groups are user is to be a part of by click on the check boxes. Notice i have selected the developers group. Users can be associated with multiple groups however at the bottom the Primary Group drop down appears.


Click the OK button when you are finished.

Now we can see that the group for Jimbo has been changed and he is now a developer member. To delete groups or users simply select one and click on the Delete icon at the top of the window.


Also you can utilize the refresh icon to see a more updated view of the users and groups on your system.



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