Fedora Adding Users
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Once you've looked around Fedora 8 you'll want to create a user account, possibly more than one. Having separate accounts has many advantages including private storage space and security. To add a user click on System --- Administration --- Users and Groups.

path to users and groups

After selecting the Users and Groups option you will need to enter the root password.

root password

After the User Manager window loads you will see large icons that offers to Add User, Add Group, Properties, Delete, Refresh, and Help.


If we click on the Add User icon,

add user

We see the Create New User window.

create new user

In the Create New User window input the user name, full name, and password you should like to assign to this user. click OK when you're finished.

Now as we look in the display window which lists all of the users we've created in a list we see the new user we've created with the user name "Jimbo"

We've successfully added a user in Fedora 8.

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