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Lesson 2/ Lesson 4

Display preferences include important controls like resolution and refresh rate. to open the Display Preferences window click on System --- Preferences --- Display. this should bring up the Display Preferences window which shows a preview of the display on the top half of the window. Under this are options for mirroring screen and detecting monitors automatically. Adjust the reoslution, refresh rate, and rotation by making a selection from the drop down lists. An option at the bottom lets you show a display icon on your desktop panel for convenience. Click Apply when you're finished and you'll need to confirm you want to keep the changes you've made here.

Change Fedora Display Preferences

Main menu preferences can be accessed by selecting System --- Preferences --- Main Menu from the Fedora desktop. This should bring up the Main Menu window. This window displays menu categories on the left side and selected menu's items on the right. Even further to the right you can use the buttons to create a new menu, menu item, or menu seperator. Or move your menu items up and down by selecting the menu item and then the Move Up and Move Down buttons. the Revert button allows the default settings to be re-established.

Change Fedora Main Menu Options

The keyboard has two areas of control on the Fedora desktop and both can be accessed in the System --- Preferences portion of the menu. The Keyboard Preferences window includes General, Layouts, Accessibility, Mouse Keys, and Typing Break tabs where you can customize numerous keyobard options. The Keyboard Shortcuts window shows actions on the left and assigned shortcuts for those actins on the right. To change a keyboard shortcut just select it and type the new shortcut. You can add and remove actions using the buttons and the bottom. Click close when you're finished.

Change The Fedora Keyboard Preferences and set Shortcuts

Mouse preferences are accessible by clicking System --- Preferences --- Mouse. The Mouse Preferences window includes two tabs, General and Accessibility. The General tab lets users set mouse orientation, pointer speed, drag and drop options, and more options. The accessibility allows the enabling of simulated secondary click and the dwell click feature.

Open the Preferred Applications window by selecting System --- Preferences --- Preferred Applciations. this window includes four tabs. The Internet tab gives users access to select their web browser and mail reader. The Multimedia tab contains the preferred media player, while the terminal emulator used can be selected on the System tab. The accessibility tab includes Viisual and Mobility application selection.

Change Fedora Preferred Applications


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