The Ubuntu Live CD
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Using The Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD

After you've downloaded an Ubuntu ISO and created an installation disc, you can use that disc as a live CD. The Ubuntu live CD option will enable you to run Ubuntu over the top of Windows or Macintosh without affecting your existing installation.

Insert the Ubuntu CD and restart your computer. You'll see be brought to a screen where you can select the language you want to use. On the same screen you can choose the 'Try Ubuntu' or 'Install Ubuntu' buttons. Click the Try Ubuntu button to use the live CD.


Ubuntu Live CD Welcome


Ubuntu Live CD Desktop

After you select the Try Ubuntu button you find yourself on the Ubuntu desktop. At any time you can select the install icon on the desktop which will start the graphical installer and help you install Ubuntu onto your hard drive.

The Examples Folder

You may have noticed the Examples folder right above the install icon on the Ubuntu desktop. This folder holds many different file types and general Ubuntu documents that may help you decide if Ubuntu is right for you. Included in the Examples folder are various image files, Ubuntu adoption case studies, Ubuntu derivatives, and much more. This is a great place to get started with understanding the basics of Ubuntu, I recommend browsing through this content, at least briefly. Understanding things like Ubuntu origin, style, and different flavors may seem trivial but it can significantly increase a newbies chance of solving basic issues or posting an effective question in the forums.


Ubuntu Live CD Desktop

Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD Video

This short video shows complete beginners around the Ubuntu 10.10 welcome screen and live CD desktop.