Customize The Ubuntu Main Menu
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The Ubuntu menu can be customized so that it fits your needs and gives you access to what's important while not displaying menu items you'll never need. I've created a 'Customize The Ubuntu Menu' video and placed it on Youtube and at the end of this Ubuntu tutorial.

Open The Ubuntu Main Menu

You can change the items that show up inside of the Ubuntu 10.10 main menu by selecting System --- Preferences --- Main Menu.

Opening The Ubuntu Main Menu Preferences

This brings up the Main Menu window. Here you can see a list of menus in the left column and a list of menu items for the selected menu are shown in the right column. This screenshot shows the Accessories menu is selected resulting in the Accessories menu items to be shown in the right column.

The Ubuntu Main Menu Window

Activate an Ubuntu Menu Item

Items displayed in italics are available but not currently displayed in the Ubuntu main menu. You can activate an item by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the item. Disabling menu items works the same way.

This screenshot shows the Ubuntu Panel menu item is inactive

Inactive Ubuntu Menu Item

Now the Ubuntu Panel menu item is active

Active Ubuntu Menu Item

This is the result of activating the Panel menu item

The Result of Activating Ubuntu Menu Item


Create Ubuntu Menus, Items, Separators and More

Back on the main menu window you'll notice you can make other significant changes to the menu using the bottoms off to the right side of the window. You can create a new menu, item, separator, move items, view properties and delete selected menu items.

Customize The Ubuntu Menu With These Options

Click on Revert for the default settings or Close to save your menu changes.

Revert or Save Menu Changes


Ubuntu Menu Video Tutorial

I created this Ubuntu video tutorial to show new users how to customize their Ubuntu 10.10 menu.