Using The Live CD
Desktop - PCLinuxOS


First download the .ISO file from the PCLinuxOS website. Use software on your Windows or Mac to burn the .ISO file as an image to the CD. Most software applications have this as an option but if you can't find it you may always use a free application like Active@ ISO Burner. Once created the live CD will enable you to run PCLinuxOS over the top of Windows or Macintosh without affecting your existing installation.

Insert the PCLinuxOS live CD into your CD-ROM tray and restart your computer. Your computer should boot from the CD and show you the menu shown in the screen shot below. LiveCD should be selected unless you're experiencing difficulty booting in which case No Boot Splash and VESA mode may be of help.

PCLinuxOS Boot Menu


It may take some time for the Live CD to start up so be patient and enjoy the great graphic show PCLInuxOS puts on.

PCLinuxOS Booting Up


Now choose what keyboard layout you want to use and click the Next button.

Choose PCLinuxOS Live CD Keyboard Layout


Wait as each part of the PCLinuxOS KDE desktop is loaded.

PCLinuxOS Loading


On the live desktop you can see several important things. First of all, in the top right corner a box that shows the user names and passwords for both guest and root accounts. This is important if you want to make any significant changes or really do anything besides poke around the live CD. Also note the Install PCLinuxOS icon on the desktop.

PCLinuxOS Live CD