A Basic OpenSUSE Installation
Desktop - OpenSUSE

This OpenSUSE installation tutorial will guide you through a simple installation of OpenSUSE onto a dedicated hard drive.


To get started you'll need a copy of the OpenSUSE DVD. Insert the DVD and restart your computer to get to the boot menu, shown below.


Select Installation from the menu. Also note down at the bottom you can adjust language, resolution and several other settings if you need to.

OpenSUSE Installer Boot Menu


Welcome to the OpenSUSE installer. You'll find an outline of the installation process in the green column on the left.The first screen of the OpenSUSE installer includes a dropdown for selecting your language and keyboard layout. Read and agree to the license agreement and click the Next button.

OpenSUSE Installer Welcome


Now you will see several system probes while OpenSUSE inspects your machine.

OpenSUSE Installer System Probing


Now you can choose what type of installation mode you want. You can choose to do a New Installation or Update an old one. The check boxes below allow you to include add-on products and use automatic configuration which is turned on by default. Click the Next button.

OpenSUSE Installer Type of Installation


You may click on the map to indicate your location or use the Region and Time Zone drop downs. The Change button at the bottom allows you to change the time and date. Turn on UTC(coordinated Universal Time) by clicking on the checkbox. Click Next when you're finished.

OpenSUSE Installer Clock and Timezone


Now you must choose what desktop environment you want to use. The two main choices are GNOME and KDE but other choices will pop up if you click the Other radio button.

OpenSUSE Installer KDE GNOME Desktops


Choose Partition or LVM-based setup. In a basic install you probably won't need to change anything here just leave it on Partition Based.

OpenSUSE Installer Suggested Partitioning

Create a user profile including your full name, username, and password. check boxes for making this the admin password, receiving system mail, and logging in automatically. You can also change the authentication and encryption method using the Change button. Click Next to continue.

OpenSUSE Installer Create a User

On this screen you can look over the Installation Settings to be sure you've configured everything properly. Click Install when you're ready to install OpenSUSE.

OpenSUSE Installer Installation Settings


After confirming you want to install OpenSUSE you'll need to wait until it's finished. Your computer will be restarted and you'll go straight to the OpenSUSE desktop unless you turned off automatic login during the installation in which case you'll need to log in first.

OpenSUSE Installer Installation Complete

That's it you've successfully installed OpenSUSE from the DVD.