Linux Mint 10 New Menu Features
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The Linux Mint main menu has received even more changes in the recent release of Linux Mint 10. Users can now see new menu items highlighted, search for and install software,  and search the web from inside of the menu. The main menu also supports GTK bookmarks and its own GTK theme independent from the rest of the desktop.

New Menu Layout

Here you can see the Places and System parts of the menu in the left column and the favorites menu icons spread over the right two columns. You will find an 'All applications' link in the top right corner of the menu.

Linux Mint 10 Main Menu

After selecting "All applications' you can see a list of applications categories in the center column and selected categories applications in the right column.

Linux Mint 10 Main Menu All Applications

Install Applications From The Menu

By typing in the search field at the bottom of the menu users can do a variety of things including, install packages from the repositories, search the web and more. The screenshot below shows a skype installation about to happen from the menu.

Install Skype From Linux Mint 10 Main Menu

New Menu Applications Highlighted

Another new feature for Linux Mint 10 shows up after you've installed an application. In the menu you'll notice the new application appears highlighted in the Mint menu. This looks great and makes it a little easier to find your freshly installed application.

Linux Mint 10 Main Menu Highlighted Applications


GTK Bookmarks In The Menu

Another convenient enhancement is how you can add GTK bookmarks into the Linux Mint 10 menu. Here you can see several options and a place at the bottom where you can create new bookmarks for the menu. I've created one to my Work folder.

Linux Mint 10 Main Menu GTK Bookmarks

GTK Menu Themes

Now you can theme your menu apart from your normal desktop theme. Here you can see custom colors, borders and GTK themes being applied. Open the Menu preferences window shown below by right clicking on the main menu icon and selecting preferences.

Linux Mint 10 Main Menu GTK Themes

Video of Linux Mint 10 Menu Features

Watch the video for a full overview of all of the new Linux Mint 10 menu features and how to use them.