Getting More Out of Debian
Desktop - Debian


One of the reasons I moved my workstation, laptops and all non-server devices to Debian was that I found I could get more done because the interface did not get in the way.  Slackware is great but I found myself searching for ways to get my work done and I just did not have
the time.  Ubuntu had too many features I did not want or need. Debian for me, was the best choice.

One of the goals of any system is to get the most out of it you can. That means turning off programs that are not used.

Go to the menu at System/Preferences/Startup Applications  and uncheck applications that you are not using.  Once you know that you do not need them you can remove them.  By unchecking them they will not run.

Startup Applications

Evolution Alarm Notify
Gnome Login Sound
Personal File Sharing
Power Manager
Remote Desktop
Visual Assistance
Volume Control

If you need to verify what processes are consuming the most resources then just take a look at System Monitor under Applications/System Tools.  This will show you where your resources are going

System Monitor