Using Wubi On Ubuntu

If you're used to another platform besides Linux and are interested in running Ubuntu Wubi is an important feature for you on the Ubuntu Linux desktop. Wubi is good for many reasons the main one being it's very easy to use. Wubi takes the fear out of installing Linux to your system because it does not require you to modify the partitions of your PC, or to use a different bootloader. No CD to burn and insert just click on the installer. After Wubi is installed it keeps files together in one folder and makes it real easy to uninstall.

To use Wubi first download it here. Next click on the .exe and you'll see the Ubuntu setup window. Here we need to select where to install, install size, desktop environment, language, username and password. Make sure your .iso is in the same folder and click Install or inserted into the CD drive where they will be detected automatically.

wubi ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron installation

Wubi is your solution for allowing Windows and Ubuntu exist on the same machine, effortlessly.