Firefox 3 on Ubuntu
Desktop Training - Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu gives us the newest version of Firefox. Firefox 3 has many improvements and can really enhance the users browsing security, speed, and productivity.

Security improvements included in Firefox 3.0 are One-click site info, Malware Protection, Web Forgery Protection page, SSL error pages, Add-ons and Plugin version check, Secure add-on updates, Anti-virus integration, Vista Parental Controls, Effective top-level domain, and cross-site JSON data leak.

It seems that Firefox 3.0 is much easier to use and this is probably largely due to the new ease of use features like upgraded password management, easier add-on installation, revised download manager, resume able downloading, full page zoom, tab scrolling, quickmenu, save browser tabs, text selection improved, Find toolbar, plugin management and more.

Firefox 3.0 has a few features just for the user. These features add personality and interactivity to the web browser and range from new star bookmarking system to auto-complete location bar and a smart bookmark folder.

Platform and performance improvements include new graphics font handling, forms on ubuntu 8.04 (gnome) have a much more natural look and feel by using native web page forms, color management, offline support, improved reliability and speed, and better memory usage.


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