Ubuntu File System
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In Linux, the term "filesystem" can have two meanings.

  • It can represent how the hard drive is formatted to hold data. For example, a hard drive can be formatted with either the ext3, reiserfs, jfs, or any one of several other filesystems.
  • It can also represent how the directory structure is laid out on a given hard drive. This is the type of filesystem that we're about to discuss now.


Update the System

Once you login you will see a message indicating the number of updates that are available for your system. Uncheck any that you do not want to install and then update. The program will download and update all the programs that it downloads.

Advanced Filesystem Attributes

As a Linux administrator, you may be called upon to set up a control system for file access. You probably already know how to set read, write, and execute permissions on files, and you will need to make extensive use of that knowledge. But, sometimes, you'll need more than just these permissions settings to get the job done. That's where filesystem attributes will come in handy. You can set different attributes on files in order to gain more control over how they are accessed.






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