PCLinuxOS began when it officially forked from Mandrake during 9.2. PCLinuxOS is now significantly different thabn Mandrake(Mandriva) despite the desktop look. Often abbreviated to PCLOS, The PCLinuxOS Linux distribution is a Live CD that can be easily installed onto the hard drive.
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1 Edit The PCLinuxOS Menu
2 Set The PCLinuxOS Preferred Apps
3 PCLinuxOS Sound
4 Set The PCLinuxOS Screensaver
5 Using Synaptic on PCLinuxOS
6 Setting The PCLinuxOS Resolution
7 New PCLinuxOS Users
8 Change Themes on PCLinuxOS
9 Change PCLinuxOS Backgrounds
10 Login to PCLinuxOS
11 Completed Game Install
12 Marking The Game in Synaptic
13 Finding Battle For Wesnoth
14 PCLinux OS Games
15 PCLinuxOS Default Games
16 Play DVDs
17 Magnatune
18 Music Collection With Amarok
19 Search For Music
20 Multimedia Introduction
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