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DSL Book

DSL Book

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DSL Book

DSL Book (PDF Download) $10


Damn Small Linux is a powerful and versatile yet extremely small Linux distribution with a lot of potential. This distribution provides an avenue of freedom to those who have been limited by size and age of their computers as Damn Small Linux works extremely well on older hardware. Damn Small Linux also provides a system that can work well with mini-itx or modern computers and provide excellent performance and options. Many who are interested in looking at embedded technology are looking at the options that exist with Damn Small Linux. 7 x 8.5" (400 Pages PDF) CHAPTERS: Using the Live CD 5, Hardware Evaluation,Hard Drive Installation, Fluxbox Window Manager, JWM Window Manager,File System, Applications, Networking Wireless Networking, Secure Shell – SSH, Setting Up a Web Server, Shells, Commands, Backups Printing ,Project: Build a Firewall Using DSL, Project: Building an Embedded System, Project: Build a Mini-ITX Computer,Project: Creating a USB Boot Drive, Project: Modify Startup,Project: Testing DSL-N, Project: Remaster Cd