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Desktop Linux distributions are becoming easier to use all the time however it can still be tough to get adjusted to using to Linux and that's why we started creating these basic tutorials for beginners. Although basic, these tutorials are aimed at solving specific problems for absolute newbies.

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A Basic OpenSUSE Installation
Desktop - OpenSUSE

Install OpenSUSEThe OpenSUSE Linux distribution features a very user-friendly graphical installer that allows you to set a number of options and user preferences while installing the system.

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Managing Software in Linux Mint
Desktop - Linux Mint

Manage Linux Mint SoftwareYour best bet for finding, adding, and removing software on your Linux Mint desktop is the Software Manager tool. Open the software Manager from the Linux Mint main menu. This software management tool is Linux Mint-specific and includes some really nice graphical features that make adding a removing a snap.

Linux Mint Themes
Desktop - Linux Mint

Linux Mint ThemesAlthough Linux Mint 10 looks great out-of-the-box, you'll likely want to customize or personalize the look of your Linux Mint desktop before long. One easy way to change several different areas of your desktop at once is by changing the theme.

Install Linux Mint 10 Julia
Desktop - Linux Mint

Install Linux MintInstalling Linux Mint is done using a graphical installer. This makes the installation process easy enough for almost anyone to complete on their own however a few options might get you off track. Here is a walk-through of the Linux Mint installation process and the options available in the graphical installer from start to finish.


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