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Tomboy notes is the perfect balance of simplicity and options giving users the perfect desktop note taking application. Tomboy is written in C and utilizes the Mono runtime and Gtk. With Tomboy notes not only can you take notes easily on your desktop but you can highlight, use inline spell checking, auto-linking web & email addresses, Font styling & sizing, and bulleted lists.

Because Tomboy uses a linking system similar to that of a Wiki it provides users with the ability to organize ideas extremely easily. Users can also easily branch ideas of by clicking the link button. With all of these links everywhere you may be concerned about broken links, not in Tomboy notes.

Tomboy does support a decent collection of advanced editing features. The developer web page says "Stream-lining the interface as much as possible to avoid distractions is a key goal of ours" and this rings true as many of the advanced features hide in the background until needed. This provides a much crisper note taking experience.


After left clicking on the Tomboy panel applet icon you can choose from create a note, search notes, and we see a list of the most recent notes created in Tomboy. If we right click we can see the preferences for Tomboy, Help, and information about Tomboy. We can also choose to remove this applet from the panel or move/lock it to a new location


Tomboy doesn't leave you limited with standard feature sets. First you need to find out what plugins are already installed on your Tomboy notes application. To do this right click on the desktop panel applet and select preferences. Here you can also add plugins or add-ins. The most popular are backlinks, bugzilla, evolution, export to HTML, fixed width, note of the day, and sticky notes importer.


On January 14th, 2008 Tomboy notes version 0.9.4 was released bringing with it many exciting fixes, improvements, feature additions. With version 0.9.4 users can organize notes into notebooks, customize template notes for individual notebooks, use the new Insert Datetime Stamp addin, and experimental new Sketching addin,
Improvements have also been made to the bugzilla addin, HTML export addin, synchronization, and the D-BUS interface.