Setting Up Thunderbird 2
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We also have a full tutorial on Setting up Gmail in-box for Evolution and if you're looking for a tutorial specific application, request it in our forum at

Thunderbird 2 offers a variety of features that make it one of the most popular Open-source e-mail clients. To start Thunderbird 2 offers organizational features like advanced folder views, message tagging, message history navigation, improved searches, save searches, and easy connection to popular web-based email clients. Security has been enhanced in ways like improved phishing protection, increased privacy, automated update, and a cutting edge junk mail feature. Also you can customize your Mozilla Thunderbird 2 email client by using the hundreds of easily installable add ons, extensions, and message templates. This installation is on a Linux operating system, if you run windows the installation and setup wizard are similar. To set up a Mozilla Thunderbird account open the program and you'll see the first option is to import settings.

improt settings

Click Next

next button

For this example we will select Gmail for the account type.

new accounty setup

Click Next

next button

Next we'll need to enter identity information.


First enter your name and then email address. And click the Next button

next button

On the next screen we see an account summary, after verifying the information is accurate click Next.


Now enter your email account password and if you prefer, select Use Password Manager to remember your password.

pop password

The Get Mail icon allows you to refresh your in-box to include any new messages. After clicking Get Mail you may see files being downloaded depending on the amount of new messages and the size of the files.

get mail

Here we see the result of having a new message in our Gmail account. Beneath the title we see the subject in bold, "work plans", email author, "Jake Miller", and below in grey a preview of the message.

new message

After clicking on an individual message this is what we see.


Now you can send and receive message through Gmail right from your Mozilla Thunderbird 2 email client. Another thing you can do is if you have multiple email accounts at different places, no you can have them all in one place instead of logging in on different web-based email and remembering passwords etc. If you're still having problems with this setup maybe you'd prefer to watch in on video.