Using The Sound Juicer
Desktop Apps Training - Sound Juicer CD Extractor

If you plan on ripping audio to your CD collection one thing you can't due without is a decent application to rip your files, play CDs and download information about them from the internet. Many applications can handle these tasks however the Sound Juicer makes it the easiest.

I was able to easily access this application, as it is the default on my Fedora 8 Gnome desktop. It is located under Applications -- Sound and Video --- Sound Juicer CD. Extractor.

access the sound juicer

Once the program loads you should see a similar window to this one if you're CD-Rom drive is empty.

sound juicer window

If you have a CD in your CD-Rom drive the Sound Juicer will automatically detect the CDs' title, and artist. The genre can be specified and duration is displayed. In the display window we can see columns displaying track numbers, track title and artist. Below the display window two buttons allow us to Play our tracks to preview them or we can press extract to rip the files to our hard drive. Only the files that have a check mark to the left of them will be included in the extraction. This way users can rip only specific songs from a disc.

sounds juicer window

At the top a menu shows Disc --- Edit --- Help. After clicking on Disc you can Play or Pause your track, select next or previous tracks,eject your CD-Rom tray, submit track names, extract, re-read disc or quit.

file menu

Selecting Edit ---Preferences brings us to the Preferences window which has many different options for customizing the application. Under device we can change what CD-Rom drive we will be using and also we can specify whether or not to eject the CD_Rom drive tray when finished. The misc folder options lets you change the folder your music is stored in. Under track names we can change folder hierarchy, file name and special characters. The format section lets us control what format we are exporting the audio files as. Currently my preferences window shows i have the WAV audio format selected however you can also select OGG, MP3 and FLAC.


After you finished setting your preferences and selecting a format for your extracted audio files you're ready to go.

When performing a simple task such as ripping audio to your computer, doesn't it make sense to use a simple application. The Sound Juicer CD Extractor can't be beat if it's simplicity you're after.


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