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Opera stands out as a leader among web browsers in some surprising ways. Opera is ranked third among web browsers that but offers some unique features that you won't see anywhere else. Among the features Opera has to offer are speed dial, fraud protection, tabbing windows, quick search, fast forward, the wand, notes, and web browser trash can. Opera allows you to easily customize the web browser with skins, the ability to import bookmarks, and subscribe to RSS feeds. Besides Linux, Opera is also available for Window, and Macintosh If you use mobile devices such as the pocket PC be sure to look at the mobile version of Opera it comes highly recommended and reviewed.

opera window

Speed dial is a feature that pops up any time you open a new tab in the Opera web browser. With speed dial you can drag and drop tabs into the speed dial tab for quick access later. After you've inserted a page you can right click to edit or remove it. A left click opens that page.

speed dial

While browsing a site a question mark may appear to the right of the location bar, by clicking this question mark we have access to this sites security information. You can see in the window below options for performing a fraud check, enabling fraud protection, and more.


Working with multiple tabs is a huge increase in the web browser productivity. Opera offers tabbing windows that makes navigating the browser a snap. The Integrated quick search feature is the fastest way to search multiple sites from the filed in the top from corner of the opera window.

The Fast forward feature is amzingly useful. If you search for a topic on for instance google. Google generally displays results 1-10 unless you request this to be changed. Fast forward will allow you to skip to the next page of results without clicking the link on google but by clicking the fast forward button. The fast forward and rewind buttons are on the out side. Inside are traditional back and forward options.

Opera also offers The Wand, for password management and the copy as notes option which will allow you to select text in the browser and right click selecting copy as note saving the text for later.

These are just a few of the features included with Opera and I think upon trying out the web browser you will be pleasantly surprised with the functionality of the features. Head to the forum to Discuss more features.

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