Create a Mail Merge for a Business Document: Step #2
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Create a Mail Merge for a Business Document: Step #2


Choose Next to create the salutation to be used for male and female as well as a general salutation. Make sure you have matched your fields, this is done by choosing Match Fields and making sure first name matches first name in your database for example. The preview should look right, if not make changes. You will be able to create your own salutation by choosing New.

In the next step adjust the document to fit your needs, you will have a zoom option at the bottom of the page to verify the looks.

When you proceed you will then have a preview of the entire page in the background. Again, verify the contents to make sure you have your settings correct.

There is an Edit Document option that you may choose to fix aspects of the document.

You will be able to personalize each document if you choose to with the next step.

The search function allows you to search for words that you may want to adjust for a personalized document. You will be able to search forwards and backwards in the document.

The last step allows you to save the starting document, the merged documents, or start printing the merged documents.

When you save the merged document, you can save as one document or save any number of documents that are created from the merge.