Create a Mail Merge for a Business Document
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Create a Mail Merge for a Business Document


The easiest way to get started with mail merge is to use the Wizard. Choose Tools-Mail Merge Wizard. A dialog box will open with a preview window.

You will need to decide which document to use for the Mail Merge. One common use would be to create a letter template and then use that. You must remember that the fields must be entered into the document that you use. These fields will be automatically entered when you use the letter template. Browse to your template or document that you will use and choose Next. In order to send this email you must have installed Java Mail.

Click Next to go to the window that will help you select the Customer Database that was built. Select that Database by choosing the Select Database Address List.

Locate your database and select the address block you will use for the document. In addition, verify that the fields match.