Create a Form
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Create a Form


When the form Wizard opens you will need to select the table you will use, in this case the table will be the Customers Table that was just created. Move your fields over so the form has all the necessary fields.

When you select Next you will have the option to add a subfield. For the purposes of this mail merge a subfield is not needed so it will not be added. By not selecting a subfield you will move to the Arrange Controls option. Controls are the slots with text that you will use to enter data into your Customer Database.

You will have 4 options as to how it will be set up for entering data. Notice that your page will reflect the changes as you make choices.

After selecting Next the data entry mode will be available. This will give you the option to decide if you will want the form to allow you you to view or alter the existing data. This is really a decision that must be made for each individual situation.

Once you choose Next you will be able to apply a style that fits your taste for the form.

Finally, you will be able to complete the form and start work on the Customer Database. Once the Database is complete you will be able to use it in conjunction with the Mail Merge Wizard.