Create a Database for Customers
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Create a Database for Customers

Open a text document and select New-Database. This will open the Database Wizard. At this point you can create a new Database or connect to an existing Database. Choose new database and select Next.

If you are connecting to an existing Database, there are a number of options for Databases type including: MySQL, Adabas, JDBC, ODBC, dBase,ADO, text, Spreadsheet, and Address book. Be sure you understand which type of Database you need to connect to.

If you register the Database with, (the program not the company), the application will remember your Database. In addition, you will want to open the database and create tables once it is setup.

Now click Finish to begin Database construction.

When you select Finish a Table Wizard will open, if you selected to set up tables. This Wizard will help you set up the Category and Fields for your Database.

Under Sample tables select Customers and add the fields you will need for your customers.

Once you have selected your fields choose Next.