Letter Template Project
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Letter Template Project

OpenOffice 2 provides a number of Wizards to help the user accomplish tasks that are more involved but that are often needed by users. Letters are a very common need for users so this Wizard is designed to walk you through the steps. The Wizards may be accessed by choosing File-Wizards-Letter. The Wizard is a quick way to create one of four new documents; Letter, Fax, Agenda, Presentation, Web Page, Document Converter, Euro Converter, Address Data Source, Install New Dictionaries or Install Fonts.. The beauty of Wizard is that the formatting is automatic and all you have to worry about is content.

Once you select Letter, you will be instructed to decide what kind of letter you are actually creating. In this example we will choose a Business Letter with Elegant layout. As a way to get started quickly, you may want to use the Wizard to create a basic business or personal letter and then go back when it is done and rework it so that you can create a template for future use. That is one of the advantages of using Wizard because it is so versatile.

Notice that a general outline of what your document will look like is shown in the left hand box. This general outline will carry through the entire Wizard process.

Once you choose next, you will see that now you have the opportunity to insert a logo if you have one. You can even select which location by using the selector in this step. You can see the options of which type of logo you may have. When you insert the logo the location indicator will allow you to move the logo by changing the distance from the left and top.

The logo may be an image you have located on your computer so you will have the option to locate it as well as the option to resize the logo.

By choosing next you will see the sender configuration. Your name and address will be retrieved from the information you entered into the program when you installed it. If this is not the correct information you can change it in this section.

You also have the option as to where you would like to locate the sender information. You may choose which location by selecting the button which automatically sets it up.

Clicking Next will lead to the footer information that you can set, location and text may be set here. Of course, if you do not want to use footers, leave it blank.

You have the option of a footer for the pages that follow the first page. Positioning of the logo can change for the pages that follow the first page. This will finish the letter creation process. If you made a template of the letter you may use it each time you need a letter of that sort.