Insert Vertical Text in Frames
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One way to create vertical text is to create a Frame by choosing Insert and Frame which opens the Frame Configuration. You can place the Frame anywhere which allows you to create unique content or powerful impact with text.


You will need to position the frame by choosing size and location. You may want to make the size relative to the paragraph. You will also need to anchor the frame to something; in the example, the frame is anchored to the page. Notice the AutoSize and the option to keep it proportional if changes occur.



The position of the frame may be determined by the relationship with the paragraph, page, etc.


The frame has a number of configuration options. The Type tab allows for the setting of size, anchoring to the page and the position on the page. Notice that you can mirror your frame on pages. The typical configurations for Wrap, Hyperlink, Borders, Background, Columns and setting up Macros are all found here as well under separate tabs.


An interesting application of this is to place the vertical text in the margin of the document as in this example. This is done by simply positioning the frame to the left page border. As you can see it is easy to add borders or background using the Frame tabs available.


In order to insert a table or chart, insert the frame and then copy the table or chart into the frame itself and resize it.

Vertical Text In Frame