Inserting Tables
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Click in the place that you would like to insert a table in your document. Now choose Insert for the Menu Bar and click Table or use Ctrl+F12.


The Table window will open and you may now choose how many rows and columns you would like to insert.

Inserting Table


You can allow a heading for your table and decide how many rows should repeat the title. The Border option allows you to show a border. AutoFormat is a series of formats to choose from that are already configured to save you time.

Once the table is placed into the document, you will be able to modify it with a number of tools that appear when you click inside your table. These tools will only appear after you have inserted a table. When you hold the cursor over an icon an explanation is visible for the icon. If you do not like the floating table it can be anchored by moving it up toward the other bars at the top of the screen.


Writer Table

Highlight the row you would like to change the color for, choose a color and it happens. Notice that the color for lines in the Table Menu has changed to red.


Insert Table Change Line Color


If you place your cursor on the vertical line, you can resize your columns. Or place it on the horizontal line and resize your width.


Adust table row width