Inserting Graphics
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Inserting Graphics


If you wanted to insert a graphic with your text you need to select Insert from the Menu Bar and then Picture and From File, because the file is saved somewhere on your hard drive. One of the keys to success when inserting any kind of object into your text document is understanding the file system so you know where your objects are actually located. In the example you see /home/mike which is the typical location for information that a user has is located in /home followed by the user's name.

Notice that the File name indicates that this object has a .png extension. Other graphic extension are listed under the file type.

The preview window will allow you to check the image before you insert it.

When you insert a graphic you can move it with drag and drop or you can double click the image for formatting options of the image. One option you can use is resizing the image. You will probably want to keep it proportional so that you do not destroy the image. By choosing “Original Size”, the image will be restored to its original state.

Another option is to use the interface to anchor your image to an object in your document.

When you double click the image you also have the option to wrap your text. You have a number of options for wrapping which are all illustrated in your choices.

Notice the spacing options for how far you want to keep the text away from your image.

If you choose the Picture tab you will be able to flip your image vertically or horizontally. For example.

The crop tab allows you to alter your image.

By increasing the Left margin you can cut your image in half, notice the preview window shows the image line where your settings are.