Create New Page Style
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Create a New Page Style

Open the Styles and Formatting, choose More and click on Page styles and then right click to create a new style.


This will open up the Organizer which will default to a screen so that you can name the new style.


Type a name for your new Style, for example a style for a small book, so you type in MyBook for the name and then set all of your settings the way you would like.


Once you have all of your settings correct then choose OK.

Styles and Formatting

Save your document that you used to create the Style as MyBook (an example). The next step is making the new page Style MyBook available to other documents. First open a new document that you would like to insert your new Style into. Open Styles and Formatting

from the Object Bar and select Load Styles from the option in the upper right hand of the window. Choose the From File button to load your Style from the saved document. Locate your document and click Open.


Now when the Styles and Formatting window appears you need to select Custom Styles at the bottom and you will see your Style. Highlight your Style, choose the Fill Format Mode (the bucket) and then click your page and the format will be placed on the page.


Page Style - New Style


Double click the MyBook Style, or whatever you call the new Style, and it will enforce the Style onto your document. Styles may seem like a lot of steps, but once you have done it a few times it is well worth it.


Creating a New Paragraph Style

There are a number of items you can create Styles for in the paragraph; for example creating a bold Style with an Adventure font and 14 pt. Open the Styles and Formatting window and right click and select new. Now set up a paragraph Style that uses Adventure font, bold and 14 pt. Save it as Bold in the Paragraph Style. Now also save your document in which you originally used this paragraph Style as Bold. Open a new page, open Styles and Formatting and select Load Styles from the upper right hand options. Once the window for Load Styles opens change the File Type to OpenDocument Text, select the Bold page that you saved. In your Styles and Formatting window now go to the bottom and select Custom Styles and you will see your created paragraph Style which you can now use on the text of your choice.


Style and Formatting