Desktop Apps Training - Writer

Using styles can be convenient and a real time saver. Styles are a way to save the specifics of a format that you will reuse. It is important to understand the difference between Styles and Templates. Styles record and save groupings of settings (paragraphs, characters, numbering, pages, and frames), while Templates save groupings of Styles to create complete documents like flyers, faxes, books. There are five Style types; paragraph, character, numbering, page and frame styles. You can access the Styles and Formatting by clicking the icon on the Object Bar.


This will provide access to all five Style types. All of the available Styles are listed when you choose a Style type if the All is showing in the bottom box. Automatic as you see listed here, allows the category to change based on where you place the cursor in your text. Notice the example has Paragraph Styles selected.


Styles are really about you creating a Style that you use frequently.