Desktop Apps Training - Writer

The columns tab permits you to divide your document into columns. You may select the number of columns and the preview window will demonstrate what it will look like. Each column width may be determined individually in the interface. Select the columns, check the preview and click OK. You can use AutoWidth which will create each column equally or you can make columns different widths manually.


Another nice feature is the ability to place a separator line between each column and decide how long the line should be in relation to the column. If you created a separator line that was 76%, like the example, you could choose to have it centered or start at the top or bottom. You can also format columns for only selected text so that only a portion of the page is in columns. Highlight the text, choose Format and Columns, set up your columns and click OK.


Page Columns


The footnote tab gives you a way to manage the footnote area and the use of the separator line.