Desktop Apps Training - Writer

The page tab describes the physical layout of the page. There is a preview window that will show any changes you make to the document. If you want to set a format that is not already set up you can use the User format which will allow you to create your own design. The paper tray setting allows you to determine which tray your paper will come out of in case you are using different paper for different sizes.


Page orientation may be set with the page tab as well as any margins for the document.


When you have a multi-page document you may want to create a right and left side page, so they are different or you may want to set up so they are mirrored as in the example. The mirrored example option is an option that you may choose to employ for a book.

Page Setup - Page Style


Register-true is a way of lining up multiple columns onto their baselines in the page style selected, such as Text body.