Desktop Apps Training - Writer

When you use outlining, select where you would like to begin the outline and then go to Format and Numbering/Bullets and choose Outline.


If you decide that 'extra socks” should really come under boots in your outline, place the cursor to the left of the text “extra socks” and click tab, it is indented and fills out the outline.

Basic for Hiking

I. Boots
A. Extra Socks
II. Lunch
III. Water
IV. First Aid Kit


If you want to restore it click Shift+Tab or click undo. Customize your outlines by choosing Format and then Numbering/Bullets and selecting the Options tab.


The Options tab allows you to format up to 10 levels of work. Choose the level on the left, or choose all 10, and then make your configuration changes in the section on the right. One change that you can make is the size and position of your bullets. If you choose graphics, you are able to alter the size and shape of the bullet, check the preview window.




At times you may need to number lines as a reference. This can be done easily by choosing Tools on the Menu Bar and Line Numbering. You have the option to choose style, format, position, alter the spacing and determine the interval, 1 means every line 5 means every five lines a number is shown.