Bullets and Numbering Formatting
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When you want to number a list in your paragraph, you can highlight the whole list and then check the number icon on the Object bar. This will automatically number all at once.


The other way is to number the first one by choosing the number icon on the Object Bar and then hit return and the second number is available for you to continue your list.


If you would like to customize your numbering, highlight the list for numbering and then choose Format from the Menu Bar and Numbering/Bullets. You can then select a numbering option that you like best.


Bullets work the same way as numbering. Highlight your list and choose the bullet icon on the Object Bar.


Also, if you would like to add the list with bullets one at a time, just click the bullet icon and then hit return to see each one with the bullet.

  • One
  • Two
  • Three


Custom bullets are easy to use. Highlight your list, choose Format on the Menu bar and select Numbering/Bullets. Make a choice and choose OK.

Bullets and Numbering

You may also choose from the list of custom graphic bullets available from Format and then Numbering/Bullets and choosing the graphics tab. OpenOffice provides a number of graphics that may be used for that purpose.