Character Formatting Window
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The Character Formatting Window can be opened by choosing “Format” from the Menu Bar and then selecting “Character”.

You use this window to format text that you have selected. Highlight the text, make sure you do not select open space as well because it will format open or empty space with the text. There are a lot of options within this window, as it is a very powerful tool.

Character Fromating

The first tab provides fonts, sizes, typeface, color and language options. Font Effects provides ways to create underlining and strikethroughs. The underline icon provides a way to change the color of the underline as well.

Character Formatting Font Effects

In addition, effects such as Capitals, lowercase,Title and Small capitals are available. Relief enables the use of Embossed or Engraved. The options of Outline, Shadow, Blinking and the new option of Hidden text are options when checked. The example of changes will be seen on the text at the bottom.

The Position tab provides normal, subscript and superscript text as well as the percentage to raise or lower text and the font size difference for the font in the subscript and superscript.

Character Formatting Position

The script can be rotated to your preference.


The Hyperlink tab allows you to set preferences for how you would like the hyperlinks to look and feel in the document.

The Events provides for how the link page will open.


The Background tab carries out the same function as the Background button on the Object Bar. Here the background behind the text is colored, one of the many options.

Character Formatting Background

In the example above you can see how the preview will be valuable to anyone wishing to make changes to a character. This preview option at the bottom of the Formatting Window saves users a lot of time going back to the text to see what it will look like.

One thing to remember, almost all of the options that you see in the Character Formatting Window can be added to the Object Bar for quick access.