Install OpenOffice 3.0 on Ubuntu
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Install on Ubuntu Linux

Download the file from


Now you need to right click it and extract or run this command:

tar xzf OOo_3.0.0_LinuxIntel_install_english-US_deb.tar.gz

That will create a number of folders. Now move into those folders:

cd OOO300_m9_native_packed-1_en-US.9358/DEBS

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Create a link on your Panel.

Right click the panel and choose “Add to Panel” and “Custom Application Launcher”.

openoffice 3

Add this line to your command line and select an icon for the application in the panel.


openoffice 3

Now click you icon on the panel and it will start.


This will start the program and proceed to the opening screen.